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A simple list of classroom reward ideas which can be use as a positive reinforcement aide in the classroom....

Addition Strategy Mat! Much nicer looking than the one I use now. The blog post that goes with it has good ideas that would work well for sequencing summer math tutoring lessons around.

Mrs Jump's class: March 2012- do an art project to go with the research (could use this with dinosaurs and/or insects).

Turn the classic book into live-action theater with these cut-outs. Watch your child light up as they experience Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed like never before!

Michelle Garrard Ran copies of the hand on many colors of paper and passed out pieces of sandpaper, waxed paper, cotton, beans, and macaroni. We talked about the texture and what the best describing word would be to tell about the texture of each of those pieces of matter. We glued a piece on each fingertip and wrote the texture word on the finger.

Johnny Appleseed math activity ~ expand and chart separately the number of seeds for each apple - number graph

True or false with addition equations cut and paste- maybe this should be made to examples and non examples for intermediate??

number bracelets - A really fun way to teach addition.