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Seriously! This is sooooo ME! My oldest didn't come home from school and say "what are we having for dinner?" -- he'd say "are we HAVING dinner?" WHO feels guilty!?!?!

Just because you’re mad…

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

Freaking Fort Lewis College students. Put some DAMN SHOES ON WHEN YOU'RE on campus! I hope you step on hot sticky gum and then a cigarette butt that was thrown in the grass.

Inspirational Quotes Part 1

Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more that I speak, and notice more than you realize.

Funny Baby Ecard: You know how when you're in the bathroom for half an hour and nobody bothers you? Yeah, I don't...I'm not a Dad...

Especially the last three

Parental response to silence: brief, naive enjoyment, immediately followed by "WHAT'S GOING ON!"

Mama needs some me time. #momsrock #funny

I may not technically be an adult, but yes. It's especially bad when you're adult-aged and your parents are still just as overprotective as they were when you were Kinda makes me want to smash my skull in with a brick