ceramic flowers

Clay flowers

Clay birds - might be an air dry clay with wire

air-drying clay gift tags

Air Dry Clay recipe - super easy to make. After making it, I colored it using regular acrylic craft paint. Just added a couple of drops and kneaded it until color was smooth.

Made from polymer by ZudaGay

DayBreak Mosaics

collection of ceramic flowers...how to chip them off old stuff

Air drying clay ornaments

How to Mosaic Using Ceramic Leaf shapes

Ceramic flower garden art. www.gvega.com.

Ceramic Buttons

Cute ceramic pendants!

How to make air dry cold porcelain clay Very well done. She takes you from beginning to end. Great!

clay birds

air dry clay pendants


clay love birds

Clay Art for All Seasons: A Guide to Soft Clay Art by Yukiko Miyai. $12.76. Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing (December 28, 2007). Publication: December 28, 2007

Diy Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls