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There is a huge amount of mutual mistrust between Russia and the United States on missile defense. Nevertheless, there are still several possibilities for cooperation on the project.

The Chelyabinsk meteorite not only caused millions in damage and injured over a thousand of people, but it also awoke a new phobia in people’s minds. The Ogoniok magazine correspondents investigate panics of historical epochs, trends in mass hysteria, and the role of technology and mass media in stirring our fears. Drawing by Dan Pototsky #russia #meteorite

Fyodor Lukyanov talks about what Russia gained from the collapse of the Soviet Union and why it makes no sense to look back and try to find reference points in the Soviet past. Drawing by Alexey Yorsh #russia #drawings

Behind the surrealist gesture of Gerard Depardieu — the first Frenchman of world renown to ever take Russian citizenship — there is a good deal more sense (and absurdity) than would appear at first glance. Drawing by Natalya Mikhailenko #russia #drawings #gerarddepardieu #depardieu #france

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov discusses the necessity of Russia’s independent, multi-vector foreign policy. According to the official, Russia’s foreign policy is not conservative in seeking international stability; rather, it aims to ensure peace, equality and representative, collective leadership for effective global management. Drawing by Natalia Mikhaylenko #russia

"Russian literature - Russian export “better than sex” and more valuable than oil #russia #books #literature #cartoons" -I agree

The Firebird is a Russian version of the legend of the Phoenix. Usually the bird is a lure for brave young men who seek fame and fortune. The Firebird is a large bird of extraordinary beauty, enveloped in fire – “her feathers were of burnished gold, and her eyes of Oriental crystal.” Source: Anna Perepechenova #russia #traditions #magic #fairytales

Recently, Russia's efforts at developing hi-tech production have focused on two different directions: cultivating scientists and businesspeople willing to develop innovative products and providing sources of credit (through investment banks, business angels and venture capital) for those individuals and companies. Unfortunately these efforts ignore the most critical elements to success: the end users who benefit from hi-tech production.

The Frog Princess is the perfect wife, clever and beautiful, sensible and resourceful, loyal and thrifty. And on top of all that, she’s skilled in the magic arts and has an army of nannies at her command, who can assist her in even seemingly impossible circumstances. There is, however, one drawback. She is a frog. Source: Anna Perepechenova #russia #traditions #magic #fairytales

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