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    self portrait by Rosie Hardy

    Invisible Reflection by Laura Williams

    Derbyshire, UK artist Rosie Hardy

    "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?" ~ Shakespeare | photo Rosie Hardy

    Rosie Hardy - Self Portraits A-PIECE-OF-A-MA-ZING

    Ravishingly beautiful. #beautiful #portrait #art #photography #woman #stunning #autumn #eyes

    This is a Perfect picture

    'More great photography inspiration | From up North' this is similar to my splatter art style...


    "You're not a kids anymore. You have the right to choose your own life. You can start again. If you want a cat, all you have to do is choose a life in which you can have a cat. It's simple. It's your right." Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


    Artistic Portrait Photography @Kirsty hey we could use my bath but make it really morbid. I think I would like to do a set of self portraits all conveying different emotions.

    Seriously this is an AMAZING shot.

    “He kissed me with color, with drumbeat, and a surgeon’s precision. He kissed me with who he was, the sum of his life—and it was all encompassing. I wondered what I kissed him with since I was only broken parts.” ― Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein


    Prom picture idea ! This is soo cute

    She is faceless by the way she is covering her face making the picture have a dramatic feel to it.

    (1) Tumblr

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    Beacon Emission/Hypnotic Call/Seduction Inducement: User can create a beacon that draws those perceiving it or only the one targeted towards the user. This ability is irresistible, forcefully causing the target or targets to come even closer. The form of the beacon varies, usually it is based on sound but one targeting any/all senses works as well. Some may be able to use this ability by mental call alone. In some cases, the user generates beacons of light to direct others or mark their paths.

    Cute Shot