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Stop Agenda 21. Socialism is ANTI-social, of course the rich want it, because they get their money by taking advantage of the poor, through extending credit that buries them alive. Agenda 21 was never green, it was always socialist red, and 'green' is just its false front, meant to take away land ownership and land access from the little guy.

In Progressive America Virtue Has No Value by iMaksim.deviantar... on deviantART

He signed Agenda 21 & then Clinton, & W implemented it & Obama's driving 'em in to home plate.I voted for all the Bushes, but I'll never again. Bush was very sick & in hosp a long time - I wondered if he thought about this & repented - power & greed. If not, one day God will hold him accountable for this. To think of the manipulation & lies throughout the years. We have to stand together to get our Country back. America's children deserve better than George W. Bush & NWO. click to read

Socialist Agenda. Not only that, but the entire TV world has become complacent. They have removed every show that speaks of God (expect those channels paid for by faith believers). But has snicked in shows (even to children) about Zombies, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Sex, Sex and more Sex ( without marriage). All this is to condition you so that these things seem natural to you and to our children.

Study abuse and find out for yourself...LIE and DENY are the smokescreens abusers us to ABUSE!!!

Agenda 21- Talk about one thing to divert the attention from a much more important topic! Sound familiar??? Benghazigate? Gun Control?

Rich people are unrealistic about reality, because their reality is different then Ours. In fact, they're drunk with power and a sense of nobility and ownership. As their sickness goes untreated, they grow more confident in themselves and their ways. With an endless supply of money and friends in high places, these people have grown out of control physically and mentally. Add it up and it will make sense. Research and learn, then connect the dots.

Agenda 21. Are you hearing this crap??? End your rights to own your own home, instead make everything "community" property.