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EXPLOSIVE: Filmmaker ‘Behind The Benghazi Attack’ Found To Be A CONFIRMED MUSLIM Agent Who Worked With US Government NOTE Why are we not surprised. ???

BOOM! Trey Gowdy Uncovered Something The State Dep't Wishes He Didn't -- ..Questioning Gregory Starr, Gowdy read a report from the 1999 ARB regarding a previous terrorist attack: “We're disturbed that the inadequacy of resources to provide security against terrorist attacks. We're disturbed at the relative low priority accorded security concerns and we praise the ambassador for seeking security enhancements long before the attack.” [...] 09/19/14

The Muslim attacks on our people for the 9/11 anniversary reveals Obama as our worst president ever.

Turkey’s Islamic Supremacist Cult Operating Charter Schools Across U.S. (VIDEO) | Creeping Sharia