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Pin it & it could be YOURS! Pin this and win a 4 Hr CD set & 250+ page workbook with secrets that have paid us over 7 figures through social media. Stop bothering people, intruding in their day and build solid, long lasting relationships with your customers the easy, fun way! We'll pick a winner 2/10 at 3:00 pm ET! Ready... set... PIN!

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PIN IT to WIN your copy of The Quick and Easy Guide To Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with #Pinterest! PIN IT TO WIN IT! We'll pick a winner tonight, 3/5 at 8:00 pm ET! GET READY, GET SET...PIN!

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Growth Hacker, Copywriter, Direct Marketerfrom Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Growth Hacker, Copywriter, Direct Marketer

Social Media Cash Conversion Secrets Video School

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Sandi Krakowski

Social Media Cash Conversion Secrets

Bit Rebelsfrom Bit Rebels

The Best Time To Get Pinning On Pinterest [Infographic]

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PIN IT and CASH IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA could be YOURS by this evening! Pin this and win the Cash In On Social Media eBook, Social Media Marketing Schedule & Checklist, How to Sale Without Sounding Salesy and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Hootsuite 101! We'll pick a winner 2/10 at 9:00 pm ET! GET READY, GET SET...PIN!

This Fairy Tale Lifefrom This Fairy Tale Life

Setting Up Pinterest Rich Pins for Wordpress and Blogger

Richpins Pinterest

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Setting Up Pinterest Rich Pins for Wordpress and Blogger | Super easy tutorial!

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Beginners Guide To Pinning ... Wish I had this when I started on Pinterest. Yeah, I went through that mindless rabid pin hoarding phase too. I'm still researching and repairing my pins from my early days here so to link directly to a Primary Source (ie the artist, photographer, archive, or museum site). So now I "like" incorrectly sourced pins (from social media ie blogs, facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc) to research later (if ever, truthfully :-) and go for quality over quantity these days.


What Is Your Organization’s Social Media Workflow?

Socialmedia Workflow

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Socialmedia Marketing

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Facebook Marketing

Social Media workflow: how much time does your organization invest in social media management?

Timing Infographic

Socialmedia Timing

Networks Socialmedia

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Facebook Marketing

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Social Media Posting Timing

The Pin Junkiefrom The Pin Junkie

Pinterest Smart Feed: Get Your Pins Seen

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How To Get More Followers On Pinterest

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Pinterest Smart Feed: Get Your Pins Seen - this has some really good advice on optimizing your pins to get more visitors and more repins.

Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategyfrom Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Tips to Pump Up Your Social Presence

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Pinterest Marketing Tips: How to Power Up Your Pinning

Bit Rebelsfrom Bit Rebels

Creating Perfect Marketing Pins For Pinterest [Infographic]

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Marketing Szakértő

How to create a perfect marketing-pin. #Infographic


The Art Of Managing Pinterest Pins And Boards - #infographic #socialmedia

Manage Pinterest

Managing Pinterest

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How To Organize Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Ultimate

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The Art Of Managing Pinterest Pins And Boards: Are you wondering how to keep your Pinterest boards and pins properly organized? Take a look at above infographic from InfographicsDesignsPro to learn the art of managing Pinterest pins and boards for business. | via @borntobesocial

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Pantone Fall Free set of social media icons in Pantone Fall 2012 inspired colors

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Pin Finder for Pinterest, where solopreneurs and small business owners, looking to enhance their brand, come to get private consultations on how to use Pinterest, and stellar content for their boards. We take the time and the stress out of learning how to ‘do’ Pinterest, and keep you in ‘pin mode’, even when you have other commitments. Pin Finder is Your Better Way to Pinterest. #Pinterest #pins #consultations #business

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Schedule pins on #pinterest using

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Pinterest Mama

Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest - If you are looking to increase traffic to your site check out how I break it down step by step on the types of pins that work, joining group boards and the best times to pin. #blog #blogging #bloggingtips #bloggers #increasetraffic

Flour On My Facefrom Flour On My Face

Pinterest Tip: Trace Your Viral Pin

Viral Pinterest

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Tips Viral

Pinterest Tip: How To Trace Your Pin When it Goes Viral via Google Analytics. #socialmedia #pinterest

I {Heart} Social Mediafrom I {Heart} Social Media

3 Easy Steps to Update Blog Archives for Pinterest

Pinterest Helpful

Pinterest Savvy

Pinterest Blogging

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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Melissa

Media Pintrest

SOCIAL MEDIA 3 Easy Steps to Update Blog Archives for Pinterest #socialmedia #blogging

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Growth Hacker, Copywriter, Direct Marketerfrom Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Growth Hacker, Copywriter, Direct Marketer

Why Logos, Cartoons And Other "Non-Relationship" Connections Don't Belong On Your Social Media Connections

Short End

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Non Relationship

Why Logos, Cartoons And Other "Non-Relationship" Connections Don't Belong On Your Social Media Connections

Blogging Growyourblog

Blogging Marketing

Media Marketing

Marketing Bss

Exchange Blogging

Facebook Blogging

Facebook Giveaway

Beauty Marketing

Better Blogging

How to promote your blog successfully via social media