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Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog.

I've had dogs throughout my whole life and Pit bulls are my fav breed. Such a sweet, loving and loyal breed. #PitMomma #Redman #RemyRed #BiggieSmalls <3

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I love animals, especially dogs. I have had two dogs -- "Charly" was my first pet. He was wonderful. A loving companion. My children and I taught him to sing, howl, manners. Then came '"Samantha" she was perfect, sweet, lovable. Quite beautiful. Had her for 16 years. Miss both of them.

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Community Post: 60 Times Golden Retrievers Were So Adorable You Wanted To Cry

so true

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Animal Month. Adoption Saves Lives, and One of Those Will Be Your Own. Love Awaits You :-) Please Adopt.



true story. Cesar Milan


Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk

Really good story for a rescued dog junkie like myself! Harper is a true life miracle puppy! “There was a man outside the Save-A-Lot selling pit-bull puppies,” Daniel explained. “This woman approached him and noticed a noise coming from a garbage bag he was holding. She asked him, ‘What’s in the bag?’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ ” Slideshow: How swimming, and lots of love, saved Harper the puppy’s life (on this page) The woman pressed the issue and the man opened — and gave her…