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    Front page of the century.



    In other news...

    oh dear..

    Big Bang Theory

    A very slow news day :-)

    Dump A Day WTFunny News Stories - 30 Pics

    OH MY GOSH i died.

    The greatest facial expression ever caught on camera.

    I laughed so hard!!

    This is funny!

    A creative I get it!!! hahaha

    Most graves are stoned, some have plaques ░ funny headlines | funny news headlines (26)

    47 Hilariously Underwhelming Local News Headlines. 11 is my favourite, bloody Morris Dancers lol

    Just laughed out loud so hard.

    #auspol -- America hardly ever reports on matters not directly concerning them, but #CreepyTony, the possible PM of Oz, makes the news with his #SuppositoryGaffe. It would be funny if it wasn't for the humiliation factor.

    And this is why the world is what it is.

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