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  • ♥  Karen Ruetz  ♥

    Childhood memories What kid didn't love building a fort at Grandma's house!

  • Angelos_poiema

    build a fort in the living room

  • Kelly Vickers

    Childhood memories. Indoor tents !

  • J P

    Building dens-My Mum was the ultimate indoor camp maker :)

  • Debbie Koepke

    blanket fort !! Doesn't every kid love making these? My children and now my grandchildren LOVE playing "Tent". I love their giggles <3 We grew up making ours over the clothesline

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Fort life- great article and an idea that every kid should experience a fort.

Blanket FORTS!!!! Yes ! They rocked. I grew up in the cold gray north…We made them 3+ times a week. The chalenge was to make them from door to walls so anyone entering would have to squat down to get into our room. Tunnels were also a plus in the design.

Great idea for the childrens room! Oh this would be so fun for sleep overs!

i want to make a permanent fort for my kids when i have them :)

the blanket fort will never be the same after this...This is so cool!

I made just this, sans roof, under my extra-tall bed. One day, I pretended I had gone to school, instead hiding in my book fort, reading and consuming food hidden there the previous day. Sculpture by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

We will build hayforts in the barn's loft. (I have LOTS of experience). These two hayseed contractors are Miley Emmaline & her baby brother, Blake Harlan, who will both soon have rashes on their elbows & knees.

La tirette, près des manèges dans les fêtes foraines, nous attirait irrésistiblement pour gagner un jouet On insérait ou francs, on tirait fort un des tiroirs en métal et là, on découvrait une boîte en carton Sur une face était écrit plaisir d'offrir et de l'autre côté on lisait Joie de recevoir.

barril BONUX avec le CADEAU!!! et les barils servaient à ranger les jouets, on les recouvrait de papier, de vinyl...