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My days...although I am tired I don't feel 'lazy' I still take care of my family, my chores, myself. I just have to hide and cry of pain afterwards.

Spoon Theory Bracelet | Fibromyalgia Awareness Charm Bracelet Hope Charms Spoon Charms 00488

◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ Butterfly ◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ via Deb Portman

Fibromyalgia and all of its closest friends. I have already met some of them. Fibro and all its nasty friends can go .... themselves!!! : (

Fibromyalgia - Be aware! The silent disease. Don't judge what you can't see! Lauren Urick Hibbard

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sucks every single bit of energy from you every single day tootiredtolivebut...

I feel like I've had this for 15 yrs and just got diagnosed last summer. I'm glad I have a name because I truly felt like I was crazy.

Pass me the Tylenol and give me the cool side of the pillow. I hate being sick!

Top Ten Fibromyalgia Symptoms: Pain all over; Fatigue; Sleep difficulties; Brain fog; Morning stiffness; Muscle knots, cramping, weakness; Digestive disorders; Headaches/migraines; Balance problems; Itchy/burning skin. (Faith, Love, and Fibromyalgia)

Tired. I hate that every few weeks I am done and out for three days and then it take three days to get moving again. 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Wish some could cure me of that. I will take a day of throwing up in exchange for my done days.

Delete toxins in foods: manuf. food is easy - don't eat it (it's 'old' & high histamine); that leaves nature's bounty, so go for organic to lessen the liver's burden of detoxing pesticides. Re: nightshades (tomato, peppers, eggplant) at bottom, hmm, and caffeine, alcohol, yeast (which is in flour products) = high histamine. FYI: Potatoes, goji berries, & tobacco also are nightshades). If you smoke, try to stop - your liver has so much to do already.