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What About Relationships,Crossword Puzzle, Crossword

Exactly how I feel about My Renzo. I miss you terribly, my heart still breaks over you.

love to looking into your eyes, love to hear your voice, love to caress your skin, love to hold your hand, love to kiss your lips... LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL. if you want to talk at all while you are gone, even if it is to not talk about us or our love... just talk to help you get through this weekend please, please get ahold of me. I am here for you always!

Seeing so many people depressed in relationships. Because they know they cannot be themselves, as they may lose their partner...That is not love, that's control! Very sad to see. Any kids from that type of toxic relationship, suffer badly..

1.Pay attention to how often you were right about a person or situation in the past (reminds you that your instincts are good.) 2.Decide what qualities you want in friends and partners (reminds you to pay attention to what you want). 3.Observe other people to to see if they behave in ways that prove they have the qualities you want (reminds you that talk is cheap). 4.Withhold personal information until you observe the qualities you want in a person (reminds you that you deserve privacy).

Sitting around sad, tearful, missing you and hoping every time my phone goes off it's you while you just carry on like it ain't nothing is getting old. You did everything you said you wouldn't do. I will wake up in the morning, start living my fabulous life again and will forget I ever knew you.