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If I were to ever have a real christmas tree...this would be a great idea...Saw off a piece of the Christmas tree each year to make an ornament

give ornament pictures of the kids each year to family; perfect idea for preserving them.

Beings I have lots of sheet music from years ago I love this idea! Can't wait for Christmas! Haha

I wish I'd looked this up an hour ago... Drilling a 1/4" diameter hole up the center of the tree trunk will help it soak up much more water, keeping it fresher longer! Next year for sure.

Sun Catcher Christmas Tree Fun by DancingRainbows, $18.00 USD

Pinecone Mini Christmas Tree Chelle, so easy just hot glue beads onto pinecone--the base looks like they made a design with puffy paint then painted it and added greenery.

Snowman Ornaments! (Every year, I always save the part of the trunk that my Dad cuts I know what I'm going to start doing with it!!)

from Paging Fun Mums

Clay Christmas Owls

Clay Owl Ornaments - so easy to make from a simple circle of Clay!

Christmas Tree Cheese Board How-To