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    Projector photography

    Stacey Williams Projection Project

    Projection photography by Lee Kirby

    17 Down by ~ukcyrano on deviantART

    just mesmerizing

    light projection body art - ok, while the picture isn't worship, it gives a good idea (on a white shirt?) for conveying messages about what we reflect to others.

    back on the road; projected image on body

    skull projection good idea for students to take photos of using images to create new photographs

    #projection projector art portrait

    Don't make your characters someone they're not. Understand them, and they won't fight back...


    #yearofpattern saul steinberg illustration

    double exposure

    White Space project


    Woah! Amazing!

    Reflect | mirror image | reflection of ourselves | black & white photography | www.republicofyou...

    light in the air on flickr (good idea just to get old books from goodwill or something and paste some words over photos)

    "New Jersey-based photographer Taylor Allen overlays the twinkling visuals of galaxies over the female form in his series titled Astronomy. The photographer combines his passion for astronomy, organic portraits, and provoking vignettes into each image within this ongoing personal project. The double exposure images draw a connection between the vast universe and the organic human body in an eye-catching way (...). "

    untitled portrait ~ ren-hang