Pretty Pretty Poppies!

flower fields

i've always wanted to take a picture in a field of flowers like this so pretty!!


Flower watercolor

Spring sunset


rainbow sky.

flower bath

Hello monday

Pretty Flowers | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

One of the best parts of early summer in Italy are the sunflowers. They go on for miles. Note to self: next time, pull over and run through them. :)

“I prefer by far the warmth and softness to mere brilliancy and coldness. Some people remind me of sharp dazzling diamonds. Valuable but lifeless and loveless. Others, of the simplest field flowers, with hearts full of dew and with all the tints of celestial beauty reflected in their modest petals.” ~Anaïs Nin (photo by liz.rusby)

Some of my fondest memories were when I'd walk barefoot on grass and lie down in wild flower meadows and play in the long grass..

meadow flowers

From "A1 picture" named "stunning flowers in Tokyo" Japanese call it "Fuji" - purple flower reflection

Perwinkle flowers with dew drops.

We belong among the wild flowers... #LoveGreenPeople Certified Organic beauty products powered by plants. Nature and Science in Balance. See the full range of Green People's products here: #plants #nature #beauty #organic "Cornlines IV (muted colors)"

Blue flowers.

Pink Flower