This is super cute!!! hashtagkreyzee: No Matter the Letters, We’re All Tied Together College of Charleston Sorority Recruitment 2012


love my letters! #sorority

optional shirts for big little reveal next year?

What to do with all those shirts...

OhMyBidDay Shirts! Freaking LOVE this idea!!

AXO Cal Poly Big/Little shirts @Matt Valk Chuah Social Life

Greek Life


add a chapter to your story… go greek! That is a super cute recruitment shirt idea

Love this idea

without the sorority name and it could be a Panhellenic shirt

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh adorable!

Go Greek, Panhellenic, Recruitment T-Shirt *All designs can be customized for your organization or chapter's needs!

another tutorial for greek letters

SORORITY EDITION! Perfect for a Recruitment Workshop

Things to keep in mind for fall of '12

Recruitment 2K12

ADORABLE door decor for pnms waiting outside.- this is a great idea for spring recruitment

So cute for Panhellenic sorority recruitment!