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    • LADDISH / media

      Saroo Brierley, Indian Orphan, Uses Google Earth to Find His Family - The Snitch

    • Heather Josephine

      lost boy uses google earth to find his way home after 25 years

    • Sharon Brown

      From The Mercury: Separated from his family as a young boy 25 years ago, a man uses images on Google Earth to find his way home.

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    My first pinning! I want to print this out and tape it to my forehead. (via @aisletoaloha)

    "According to Google Earth, this particular aerial photograph of City Hall was taken on the 3rd of June, 2011, one month before the Occupy Wall Street initiative even began. I have no strong opinions regarding what these people are protesting about. I’m sure they believe their cause is just and I respect their right to make a stand. I do however find it supremely ironic that a group who is supposedly protesting about corruption and lies would produce such a blatant piece of propaganda."