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    • Kim Clemens

      “Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” so true, love this :)

    • Emily Morris

      This is so true yet so hard to believe when you are heart broken. I wish we could all remember this when the pain is unbearable. God bless the broken roads!

    • Holly Bronko

      This is SO true..... #relationship #quotes

    • Sara Schrader

      #relationship #quotes #truth

    • Jennifer Hoyt

      I'm looking forward to it.....

    • Erika Sierra

      so true! cant wait :)

    • Ciara C

      True story and I am so glad that person that walked into my life is you babe! <3

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    Tact: means careful use of words when pointing something negative out about something or someone

    Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Hazrat Inayat Khan.

    true My2Cents : love is all there is that matters. go beyond any imposition of your own manufacture & do not allow that of outside sources ... love is our Source. our center. if we don't walk in it, we are out of balance ... overcome. possess grace. return to love. ♥ ♥ ♥

    The hardest thing for me to understand is why someone would ever say something they don't mean. Being an honest person means you are honest 100% of the time.

    Exactly. Because they dont mean anything by it. So let it go. Stop asking your girlfriends what it means...they dont know!!! No matter how knowledgable your friends seem, they arent guys. Stop driving yourself crazy and driving men away with this silliness. Just enjoy yourself and that will make you attractive.

    All you need in this life are ignorance & confidence and then SUCCESS! Ashley Garrett Sarah Early Courtney Laine

    When someone rejects the help they have initially asked for and go into every excuse of why they can't then that's the time to walk away. They don't truly want to be free and in remaining there you are keeping them stuck too.

    Tact - if only we could be better at this. Teaching TACT at this level is possible and should be done.