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Chris Hemsworth

As a musician I should be outraged at the terrible care this piano is receiving. but as a woman, all I can say is, "Lucky Piano" Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth by Michael Muller I don't know how actresses that work with him control themselves! <--- I don't know, man, Tom's pretty tempting too. Okay, really tempting. REALLY REALLY tempting. But that's okay. I'm fine. Really.

Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities

Chris Hemsworth The most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen! He is so handsome and ruggedly sexy!

Thor: Chris Hemsworth

Thor - a perfect movie for me and the munchkin. I loved this actor as Thor, I loved the love story and the family strife, and the action. For a Super hero movie, this was pretty good! out of 5 Stars.

Chris Hemsworth- holds my hammer while I am working on shit. piggybacks me around town when I am drunk, just stares into my eyes

Chris Hemsworth: Empire Magazine Photoshoot Outtakes - Oh No They Didn't!