For my yoga peeps ;-)

Marshmallow Peeps -- those colorful chicks and bunnies -- aren't just for Easter baskets. Over the last several years, creative people around the world have been putting together very cool Peeps dioramas.

This is so true... and kinda sad at the same time

I have to admit...This is True

Runner Things How is it we're the most successful species on the planet, yet we need to pay people to remind us to breathe and drink water.

Hot Yoga Elephant tuladandasana warrior III

Posture of the month of August: Balancing stick pose

Hot Yoga Elephant…this is exactly how i feel during hot yoga, but i love it!

The 10 Most Underrated Benefits of Yoga | yoga

The 10 Most Underrated Benefits of Yoga

The 10 Most Underrated Benefits of Yoga | yoga

Apparently She's a #Yoga Instructor...

Start your day with a little yoga humour, laughter and fun …. It’s the best form of medicine around.


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