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Most sewing machine problems can be traced to poor general maintenance or neglect. Learn how to keep your machine in tiptop shape with only a few simple supplies and a few minutes of attention daily, weekly, or monthly— depending on how much you sew.

So Sew Easyfrom So Sew Easy

How to clean a sewing machine - video

How To Clean Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Cleaning

Singer Sewing Machine Tips

Featherweight Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Feet

Clean Machine

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Sewing Feet

Great tips of how to clean a sewing machine. There were several things in this video I'd not seen before such as how to clean the upper parts too.

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Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

Diy Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing machine cover... I need to make one of these!

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Blue Dinosaurs

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Craft And Sewing Tables

Diy Corner Sewing Table

Diy Sewing Table Storage

How to DIY a table in order to drop a sewing machine into it, so it sits flush. Exactly what I'll be needing once I have a 'studio' (read: small room haha)

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Feet Excellent

Excellent Guide

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A guide to sewing machine feet

Õmblemine Sewing

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Sewing Shift Dress Pattern

Beginner Sewing

tailoring. yes.

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Table Link

DIY Sewing machine table

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The 12 Must Have Tools for Sewing DIYs: Outfit your sewing room with these needed tools and supplies!

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Yoked Skirt

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Skirt Kinda

Skirt Idea


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Pressing Board made from TV tray to set beside sewing machine

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Sew Delicious: Quilted Sewing Machine Cover - Tutorial


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How To Set Tension On Sewing Machine

Bobbin Tension

Adjust Sewing

Learn how to use the tension devices on your sewing machine and how to thread for proper tension.

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Sewing Pattern Skirt

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Easy Diy Clothes No Sewing Tutorials

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tips to make your own skirt pattern, straight and a line

14 Sewing

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Sewing Machine Troubleshooting from Sew News

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Making Button Holes

Button Hole Tutorial

Easy Sewing Machine Projects

Here I walk you through how to make a button hole on your machine. This is so easy that you will be putting buttons on everything!

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Quilted Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Serger Cover Tutorial

Sewing Machine Carrier

How To Make A Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing machine bag

The Sewing Loftfrom The Sewing Loft

Clean Your Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Cleaning

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Quilts Sewing

Clean Sewing

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Loft Quilting

How To Clean Your Sewing Machine

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Clean Your Sewing Machine - The Sewing Loft


Tip: Light Up Your Fabric While Machine Sewing

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White Led Lights

Bright Lights

TIP: LIGHT UP YOUR FABRIC WHILE MACHINE SEWING. Sew through any lighting conditions with this tip from Threads #175 (October/November 2014). (Using a self-adhesive battery powered LED light - with swivel/rotating, so you can position the light source).

eBayfrom eBay


Sewing Machine Repairs

Sewing Machine Problems

Sewing Mending Repairs

Fixing Sewing Machines

How To Fix Sewing Machine

Sewing Problems

Machine Step

Tips Create Sew

Create Sewing

How to Fix Sewing Machine Problems in 5 Easy Steps

Sewing Pants

Easy Sewing Clothes

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Clothing Diy

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How To: Take in pants the EASY way, a 20 minute refashion