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What to Compost...

Square foot garden planner

Square Foot Gardening

Vegetable Garden Plan click and then follow to make your own square foot layout. Mine so far is a huge success and has made planning our summer garden super easy.


Another pinner said, "We made an arch like this for beans last year and it was great!" I LOVE THIS IDEA!

square foot gardens

square foot gardening

Composting 101 this is a great chart for people thinking of composting - we compost, i swear by it, do it!! we have TONS less trash then we used to!! and healthy, healthy, organic garden - we use no treatments in our garden at all, not pesticides, or any chemicals at all - just natural.

How (and why) to plant a square foot garden

Square Foot Plant Spacing

Why square foot gardening is better than traditional rows. Includes link to Square Foot Gardening Assn

Raised bed beginner's veg garden plans for 4 foot planter from agrarian.

Companion planning guide for square foot gardening...Red is bad, yellow is good, green is best

Cucumber Trellis/Lettuce Shade This takes the space saving of square foot gardening to a whole new level. Plus, it kills two birds with one DIY project shading lettuce under the growth of cucumbers. And, all it takes is some chicken wire and scrap wood. Photo and tutorial via Florida Vegetable Garden

Square Foot Gardening

How to make a raised garden bed

Square foot garden template. Genius!!