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Explore Drano Concrete, Concrete Stains, and more!

from The Family Handyman

Removing Oil, Paint and Other Concrete Stains

How To Clean Stained Concrete

from Chaotically Creative

Washing Windows Like A Pro

Forget the VInegar and Newspapers See how the Pro Cleaners really do it!

from The Family Handyman

Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

Clean out your AC - save money and increase efficiency while prolonging the life of your unit!

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

It's about time I clean my burner pans again! I just love this method, I hardly have to scrub at all :-)

from Frugal Living Mom

Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Almost Any Stain

Oh no! You’re wearing your favorite sweater or a new pair of pants when your child spills their Kool-Aid on you, a pen bleeds all over your clothing, or you get a grease stain. Do you try to salvage your clothing or toss it in the garbage? With these tips, you can do your best to save clothing from unfortunate stains.

from Pretty Providence

Tried and Tested Homemade Spot Cleaner

Tried and Tested Homemade Laundry Spot Cleaner {by} Only takes 3 ingredients and works on stains like magic!