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#ToyTuesday - The babystyle Chairs are back! Which one is your fave?

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33 Types of Blogger Collaborations (For Fun + For Profit) - by Regina

33 Types of Blogger Collaborations (For Fun + For Profit). If you want to start collaborating with other bloggers, or just want several #blogger collaboration ideas for the future, this post is for you.

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30 Day Challenge: Day's 9, 10 and 11

Hollywood Cerise: 30-Day Blog Challenge- I'll do this just for myself. I think if I do this every year in December, it will be a good way to see how I change throughout my life- even though I'm thinking way into the future.

Interesting list, don't you think? Looking at it, I've realized I've got two challenges. First is whether I have the time (and patience) to write a blog post daily. Second is finding ways to incorporate these topics to my site's niche. Currently, I think both seem like daunting tasks. But hey- no pain, no gain right? So, let the challenge begin.... next week, hehe:D.

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3 Ways to Create a Strong Foundation for Your Brand and Blog

3 Must-Dos to Create a Strong Foundation for Your Blog — Painted Summers

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7 (Cheap or Free) Things You Need To Start Creating Videos

7 (Cheap or Free) Things You Need to Start Creating Videos Today - you need to be creating videos for your blog or business to stay ahead of the game and your competition but you don't need expensive equipment to get started. Here's how you can start making videos and vlogs today on a budget, with just a few inexpensive or free things you need to make high-quality videos.

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Plan Your Blog Content

Plan your blog content - FREE Monthly Content Planner by Mindful Pixels

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How To Start A Blog

Learn how to start a blog/website for your business. Step by step guide for beginners! Make money with your blog today, just click on the link to find out more!

I love this! It was so frustrating hearing "Why don't you just do a 401k?!?" Well, for staters I'm not actually old enough and I would be missing out on saving PLUS its better to have some different investment options. So kiss my ass, I'm going to be a millionaire

BLOGGING BASICS 101 - whole site dedicated to helping beginner bloggers = AWESOMENESS!!!!!