Pregnancy - I am not alone. So cute

Pregnancy is so special!

Perspective--LOVE THIS. So true!

I hope this is true b/c I sure did forget the info that was taught in OB. Free Printable: Medications Allowed During Pregnancy

Mother to be poem. Mother's Day.

Most pregnancy lists aren't that great but I actually liked this one! Worth taking the time to read!

Affirmation - Pregnancy by CarlyMarie


Love my baby girl! Such a sweet poem!

Why God Made Little Boys <3 I had the little girl version when I was little. I have read this to Landon:) and will continue to read important life lessons and teach him to always love God<3

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15 Tips for first-time pregnant moms by trimester - a few nuggets of advice that I've found helpful over the last 40 weeks! #pregnancy


This is too funny!

Registry checklist | Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

10 steps to surviving the 1st three months with a newborn. Pin now read later. good to know for later

Parenting Tricks for New Moms and Dads

Oh so true, people without kids will never understand

Welcome baby girl.

75+ Pregnancy tips in one place from one geeky, snarky mom :)