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Peter Cottontail

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Awesome idea. Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats.

Eggs Sprayed

Diy Jello

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How To Make Jello Jigglers

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Jello Jigglers Easter

How To Make Jello Eggs

Cooking Spray

DIY Jello Easter Eggs [Recipe & Tutorial] : made using plastic Easter eggs sprayed with cooking spray... what a fun idea for Easter dinner!

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Jello Jigglers

Inspiration For Momsfrom Inspiration For Moms

Friday's Fantastic Finds



Peter Cottontail

Spring Easter

Easter Time

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Great idea for Easter morning!

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Easter fun:: easter egg hunt ideas, quick design idea | Bargain Hoot

Real Estate Blogfrom Real Estate Blog

Easter Decorations for the Home

Blueberry Juice

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... blueberry dyed Easter eggs.

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40 Ideas

Mums make lists ...: Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Colored Easter

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How to get intense Easter Egg Colors- this is a great tip! It will make your Easter eggs pop.

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Stylish and quick to do -- perfect Easter egg decoration ideas for those who have waited until the very last minute.

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Favorite Recipes

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Easter Rice Krispies Cups with Pastel M


16 Easter treats to make with your kids


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Fruit Juice

Make your own #Easter egg popsicles. So fun!

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Fruity Pebbles Rice Crispy Treats

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Volley Left

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peeps rice krispie treats...what to do with Easter Leftovers

Love From The Ovenfrom Love From The Oven

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats For Peeps Week

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I love rice krispies treats as well as peeps - put them together & it's a match made in heaven. Perfect & adult friendly Easter treat!

Utopia Diy

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Fridays Marshmallow

Marshmallow Rice

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My kids saw this idea on the commercial for Rice Krispie cereal and said we just had to do it!

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Easter Egg fun!!

Babblefrom Babble

10 Easy Easter Food Ideas for Kids

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Repurpose those plastic Easter eggs and create a sneaky way to eat your veggies buffet. Healthy Easter snack indeed!

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rice krispie eggs

Dying Easter

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Idea Easter

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Easter egg dying for little hands. Use a whisk!! I'll have to remember this when Easter rolls around! GENIUS!!