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Artsy Mommafrom Artsy Momma

ABCs and 123s - Learning made fun

ABCs and 123s : 40+ hands-on play activities to build letter, number, and shape skills

Your Vibrant Familyfrom Your Vibrant Family

Scared to Homeschool Preschool or Kindergarten? Here's How to Confidently Teach Young Kids (Ideas, Resources and More)!

Are you intimidated by the idea of teaching your preschooler or kindergartner? That's TOTALLY NORMAL! SO many of us are scared and overwhelmed by homeschooling this age group. Love this mom's suggestions for how to find the peace, freedom (and confidence) to homeschool preschool and kindergarten well (and have FUN too)!

Love More Live Blessedfrom Love More Live Blessed

Happiness: Choosing to Live on the Bright Side

I always thought I'd be a negative nancy forever. Slowly I'm changing to a more positive, happy person who chooses joy. It's hard when you are not a naturally happy go-lucky person. I found these tips to be helpful for learning to live a happier life.

The Soccer Mom Blogfrom The Soccer Mom Blog

When the World Feels Like a Dark Place, Our Children Need us to do THIS

Some days it is hard not to feel hopeless when we've been pummeled with so much violence in the news. 4 ways to teach children LOVE to combat the negativity of the outside world and why it is crucial to do so.

Fennell Seedsfrom Fennell Seeds

What I Did to Triple My Pageviews in One Month

In 1 Month I tripled my page views. Here are resources I used and steps I took to grow. I want to share my small tips that helped my pageviews finally take a big leap.

Motivation to work out during pregnancy. Gets a little redundant at times, but still inspiring. She did the "30 day shred" work out after pregnancy, but knows someone who did it during pregnancy too

My Natural Baby Birthfrom My Natural Baby Birth

How To Be Fearless When Birth Is Looming – Part 3

How To Be Fearless By Accepting - Picture in your mind that you’re in labor. What are you immediate thoughts?

Get Mom Balancedfrom Get Mom Balanced

3 Ways for Kids to Build a Shield of Confidence

Confidence acts as a shield for kids. You can teach your kids how to be more confident with these 3 ideas. Read now or pin for later.

super helpful first foods chart! Includes serving sizes, organized by age and food group. This is going on the fridge!

Anxious Toddlersfrom Anxious Toddlers

How to Help Your Anxious Kids When Bad Things Happen in Our World

When bad things happen in the world - how do you explain this to your kids? What about your anxious kids - who already worry about everything?

Aromatherapy guide for pregnancy and the laboring mother. Natural pain relief, uterine stimulant's, calming and uplifting, and more!

Get Mom Balancedfrom Get Mom Balanced

Setting Limits with Kids: Part 2

Part 2 of how to set limits of your kids. Parents need to create and maintain boundaries. Your kids will thank you. Read now or pin for later.

Hey Sigmund - Karen Youngfrom Hey Sigmund - Karen Young

How to Empower Your Child to Deal With School Anxiety

How to Deal With School Anxiety: No More Distressing Goodbyes