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egg salad rolls with cocktail sausages

Summer, flowers in the garden, soft breeze…anything to make us want to eat outdoors. Today, I suggest a kid’s picnic basket to add a magical touch to the experience. A bit different than a typical evening at the restaurant! Kids...

Bento box (Kyaraben)

Chocolate Cherry Mice by omnomicon: For a rodent overrun, mix these with Chocolate Dipped Rats! Thanks to @Paula Brooks! #Chocolate_Cherry_Mice #omnomicon

Completely cute "toast and eggs" I want to learn how to make bento lunches cx

Sweetly gorgeous swallow adorned bento lunch.

Japanese lunch box: photo by shok

A happy bride bento box, beautifully decorated with lashings of translucent heart stamps and a sprinkling of Engrish. :3