I want this photo someday!

This German shepherd that will be the best kind of pillow to nap on. | 27 Dogs That Will Do Anything For Kids

OMG.. I have no words.. So Sweet :)

Brynlee & Bane

LOVE THIS PIC. And this one: | 24 Newborns Who Had To Share The Spotlight At Their First Photo Shoot #animals #pets fluxymedia.com elianacorina.com

So funny!

I'll have to remember this shot. :-)

Gracie & Catfish!!!

Eeeee! So sweet!

If you're looking for a loving family dog, consider adopting a boxer. They are fantastic. <3 #boxerlove

Babies and Dogs

For all you soon to be mommies: Nap Nanny - Helps your baby sleep. Helpful for babies with colic, reflux, gas, cold and the flu. HAVE ONE AND IT ROCKS!!

What a Beautiful Boxer baby this is ♡

Newborn pictures - LOVE this idea!!

I want this dog! lol

Boxer Dog Photo Gallery & Postcard - Zacz

Very cool...tattoos and the pic..cute Daddy baby pic idea

Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM @Paula Stange Please @Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

Newborn pic cute | http://best-lovely-new-born-photos.blogspot.com