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  • Madeline Maxwell

    Another great photo idea. I can't wait for Roxie to take pictures with baby boy!

  • Jenna

    Big brother checking on little brother. --- wish my puppy would get close enough for a picture like this!

  • Sherrie C

    "We're keeping him?" Adding this to the list of future newborn pics. lol I love Boxers.

  • Karissa Deitrich

    aww baby and boxer, i really want a picture like this. so sweet

  • Joelle Ellard

    newborn and dog

  • RogelionCindy Lopez

    This would be so cute after your little one is born "i love my mommy & my mommy loves me so i take care of her. My mommy loves you too so i know that means im going to watch over & keep you safe too." -Big Brother Boxer *IDK WHY BUT I CRIED LIKE A BABY TO THIS!!!*

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This photo is amazing! ♡... re-pinned by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

We're keeping him? babies and Boxers . . is there anything better?

No, no, no mommy I didn't bury the food bowel so you'd take me to pet smart and I can ride in the truck!

Reminds me of Buddy. Buddy loved smelling flowers. He was a lady's man. :0)

Are you ready yet or am I going to have to walk myself??

Cute Boxer Puppy.. This puppy reminds me of my Boxer I had when I was growing up Rebel Prince ..

It's good to have a watch dog. You know, someone who can watch and tell you what happened.

Someone is at the door How can you stay calm at a time like this?! "Baffled Boxer" Meme

conservation of local body heat.....or they are just too lazy to move....*lol*

5 Most Kid Friendly Dog Breeds lab retrievers/goldens...collies, boxers, min scnauzers and yorkies.