Baking Soda Sea Art - Quick and Easy Baking Soda dough recipe and starfish tutorial. Sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Two ingredient snow play recipe- this stuff is amazing! Naturally cold and feels just like fresh powder in your hands

Salt dough starfish

cornstarch and baking soda recipe - looks better than salt dough

Let leaves soak in Arm and Hammer Washing Soda for a few days, then take a brush and lightly brush off the..leaf coat (?) And you have Translucent leaves!

Wooden picture: an easy, beautiful alternative to putting your pictures in a frame! All you need are FOUR things to make this.If the instructions are hard to read, click on the picture for the easy-to-follow video:

42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell - Big DIY IDeas

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Craft - A super easy and fun sewing craft for beginners #recycled #upcycled #crafts

kids christmas crafts | Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids: Craft Stick Stars

Abstract project mom might actually hang up! Easy and cool!

Full of Great Ideas: Christmas in September - Corn starch and Baking Soda Ornaments

wash so all the chip crumbs and oils are out of the bag - gently dry with a paper towel. Place the bag on a greased piece of tin foil covering the baking sheet and put it into an oven set around 350*F and melt to the size you want. Small bags for earrings, etc.... I need to try this.. I remember doing this as a kid for my printers tray!

Make Your Own Sea Glass from used glass bottles, etc. - easy and fun to do - You can use it make your own jewelry, mosaics, or whatever!

I would have never thought about this!

homemade toilet fizzies

Erupting Baking Soda Paint Recipe - Learn Play Imagine

DIY Baking Soda Christmas Ornaments

DIY Helium balloons !!! No helium needed to fill balloons for parties. How to: just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply. #diy #helium #balloons

DIY Christmas Ornament: Paper Towel Tube Snowflakes. So easy, amazing!

Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odor. This site also has 75 other uses for baking soda!

under the sea ideas