The bride and groom requested that their guests respond to the invitations with a piece of fabric- any fabric- and was incorporated into a quilt for the newlyweds to have for the rest of their lives. This is precious!

if you send a wedding invitation to the President, you will receive a congratulatory letter from him and the First Lady. I don't care who the president will be when I get married, I have to remember to do this! p.s. it works for Mickey Mouse too

Guest book alternative: Have your guests contribute to a bucket list for the bride and groom!

This is a pretty amazing idea... 1 cupcake for each guest plus a small wedding cake for the couple.

For those that can't be there. great idea!

EVERY BRIDE NEEDS THIS!!! It's a invisible ink pen, write the guests name on the RSVP card before you send it out. If it comes back without a name on it, you will know who it is from. This has saved me A LOT of headaches.

mamas and their I love this

Because no one wants to dance in heels!

When everyone stands and turns around to watch the bride walk down the isle, I like to look back at the groom and see the look on his face when he first sees his bride :)

The bridsemaids give their favorite love story to the bride - they write a note inside and gift to the bride after the wedding. This is awesome for brides who love reading

How you met your bridesmaids

How the bridesmaids met the bride. So cute!

table numbers with the bride and groom at that age... adorable!

Don't normally pin wedding stuff, but I love some of these pictures...Unique Wedding Photos - Creative Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

bride and groom and parents

except pinkys :)

Two photographers - one to get the bride's entrance, and one to capture the groom's reaction. This would make my heart melt...

Hang childhood photos of bride and groom on the doors to the restrooms. Cute!

something blue - bridesmaids write on the bottom of the brides shoe

I LOVE This idea! I say "the time has come" to give up that old custom of separating wedding guest by Groom's side & Bride's side - it's not a competition or a game it's suppose to be a "joining" of two lives along with those of their friends and families.