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Non–Format — Command X Season 4 — Title sequence –

10 Great Web Font Combinations...I like Clarendon and Trade Gothic together (No. 9).

/ Ariane Spanier

I think this is really cool. This would be a good design for a division page with a good quote. LF @Mendi Kelley

interactive invites where guests can discover two different key messages by folding it.

Since we'll be using web fonts soon, I thought this would be an important chart to keep in mind.

Break new ground!

Intro -- Free font -- Strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure. The basic letters like “A”, “O” and “H” are built or based on principles of simple geometric forms – triangles, circles and squares. In contrast to the Futura font which possesses similar styling, the Intro font preserves the characteristic sharpened edges of the “А”, “V” and “W” letters even in it’s boldened form.

Paris Pro Regular White by Moshik Nadav Typography. White space so thick you could cut it with a knife.

brilliant idea - use the reflection on the floor

These fonts would be cool for photo books from travelling. Get a font that suits the place you went to.

Very interesting concept. It captures what I imagine to be the intended idea effectively.

Non–Format — Command X Season 4 — Title sequence –

Good inspiration for a simple color palette. Thinking "outside the box", ha!

Poster Design by Jessica Svendsen | on Badass Lady Creatives Negative space

Designer: Asen Petrov


graphic design logo design experimental typography

Project Curve - Typography Project by Jessica Svendsen

great use of emphasis with the different color on every other letter and the breaking of the text.


On the #Creative Market Blog - 10 #Typography Terms Every #Designer Should Know

Port Vintage by Joao Oliveira. Me gustó esta fuente por su estilo decorativo y el contraste de peso que hay en ella.