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    Los Angeles


    Church Documents Released After Years of Resistance

    Cardinal Roger Mahony, the former archbishop of Los Angeles, insisted that his approach to sexual abuse had evolved as he learned more over the years.
    • Ann Green

      Church Documents Released After Years of Resistance - Diocese papers in Los Angeles detail decades of Abuse

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    Throughout human history marriage has been defined in numerous ways. It is shameful to make a loyal partner unable to visit their loved one in the hospital or to make funeral arrangements or inherit property based on another person's view of morality. Marriage is granted by the government thus making it a civil right.

    Charlize Theron has the right opinion.

    States that allow someone to marry their cousin vs. states that allow gay marriage. Seriously.

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    Im pro choice and pro gay marriage. Simply because it is none of my damn business how others choose to live their lives.

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    Gay Marriage The widespread use of the term is in itself a sign of discrimination. After all, who says, "I have an interracial wedding on Sunday" anymore? And for Justice Thomas to be against gay marriage when his own marriage was against the law not to long ago, is nothing short of hypocrisy.

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