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    Figurative Language Anchor Chart Activity {free materials to make one for your classroom!} by Crafting Connections!

    Teaching about character traits

    Buzzing with Ms. B: Point of View Freebie!

    Sentence frames/starters to provide evidence and explanations. (Common Core)

    It's one thing to teach concepts like characters, setting, and plot. Most kids get these without too much trouble, but it's another thing to teach your kids to find the theme of a piece of literature. This higher level thinking, much more abstract reading skill, is one that has to...

    The Classroom Key: Taking the Rocket Science out of Close Reading

    Teaching Point of View: Differentiated Point of View Task Cards. Blog post, anchor chart, freebies, and information about task cards!

    Engaging Learning Practices and Higher Levels of Thinking! Bloom's Quick Cards FREEBIE and SOOO much more!! Help your kiddos DIG DEEP and build schema!

    parent reading handout. Put the info about how much 20 minutes a day adds up to, and the benefits, on the back.

    Introduction to Reading Skills: Identify main idea and supporting details - YouTube

    EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.

    Context Clues Anchor Chart (FREEBIE included!) for Anchors Away Monday

    Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Free download. Plus a blog entry with other great ideas.

    Nonfiction Genres anchor chart Hello Literacy: Informational Literacy Unit - Post Revised

    Tons of great reading and writing anchor charts. Branson Reader's Workshop / Anchor Charts Photos

    A list of FREE online resources for Non-Fiction Texts and Articles. Perfect for Reading Centers. Grades 3-6

    Collaborative Reader Responses - using the 4 corner strategy to get all students working together and discussing what makes a great response. Build the best answer in the middle of the page.

    Understanding Characters Anchor Charts

    Teacher has created long list of cartoon Pixar (and other) shorts to be used to teach reading strategies. She also has graphic organizers to go with them....Totally and completely amazing! What a great way to get (and keep) the kids' attention!

    Five mini-lessons to teach theme. (Part of a larger article on teaching your students to identify themes in their reading.)

    Fun and engaging summer reading for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Kids read along with musicians as they learn about history, character building, science and more. Fun, easy to use, and each online lesson can be done independently in 15 minutes. It's a perfect summer reading tool! Sign up for free!

    Little Bird Kindergarten Blog Post: How to guide little ones through annotating a close reading of text.

    Comic books, graphic novels, joke books and more: Here are 6 fun ways your child can build reading skills.

    Free! Figurative language anchor word wall cards. Hyperbole, personification, alliteration, metaphor, simile, idioms, & more. For a quick, spontaneous ELA writing activity, I like to attach a few of these to the white board, give the students post-its, an instruct them to write an example of each and stick it on the board near the corresponding poster. If time permits, after every student has at least one on the board, they go get a random one and evaluate it.