White Elephant Gift Exchange Poem

Have a Secret Brother Week to encourage brothers to get to know someone new in the chapter!

Father's Day craft idea AMY THOMPSON CHECK THIS OUT!!

Games, ice breakers, and welcome/parting gifts are a must when planning for a women's retreat! Why not combine both of these with a gift exchange game? This game is great because everyone is a winner, but a few are BIG winners.

Christmas Towel Poem – Simple Gift For Giving www.247moms.com #247moms

I found some cool lint rollers in the dollar bin at Target. Made up the little saying and typed in PowerPoint and added border from Microsoft.com, laminated, and tied to roller with a coordinating ribbon. An inexpensive but practical gift that can always be used, and said everything that I wanted to tell my friend, Melissa. "I am happy to be STUCK with you as a friend, and I am glad you have never BRUSHED me off! Your friendship makes it easier to ROLL through life".

Pass the Present: Fun Gift Exchange Idea

A Scriptural twist on the Right/Left Gift Exchange Game. "Luke 2 Gift Exchange Game" on SmellingCoffee.com

White elephant gifts are a popular activity at our family and friend Christmas parties.  The kids particularly like this activity because they get to walk away with a gift.  Part of the fun of the white elephant game is the range of emotions from disappointed, to competitive, to excited. There are many poems and versions... Read More »

Best Primary Helps Ever! - Tons of Ideas to help enrich/support your primary lessons. The page is called Sugar Doodle - this picture is just some random one on their page but it won;t let me change it....rrrrrr whatever lol!

Christmas storytelling gift exchange

White Elephant Gift Exchange Poem for up to 50 people originates from SugarDoodle

A New Layer to Holiday Gift Exchanges - Play.Party.Pin

lesson helps, etc

Luke 2 Left`Right Gift Exchange. SmellingCoffee.com

M & M Christmas Poem Jars - what an adorable handmade Christmas gift idea! I just love how the m&m candies tell the true story of Christmas! I adore homemade gifts!

cookie exchange poem

Wacky White Elephant Poem and Left-Right Story for exchanging gifts.

1/2 of night before christmas - to use for christmas party to randomly give out gifts

Left /Right Game using the Nativity Story. Get 1 gift and wrap it up. (Some people like to get a small gift for everyone playing) Give the gift to one person then as the story is read, the participants pass the gift around to the right or to the left everytime you say right or left as you read the story.