• Rachel Rose

    "i brought you into this world, and i will take you out of it" is the best life lesson my mother taught me.

  • lexi mcguire

    What my mother taught me. I love my mom to death😘😘

  • Tricia James-Tamburro

    Perfect to RePin on Mother's Day!! My mother taught and said ALL these things to me!! Love you mom!!!

  • Shelley Ferrell

    So true!! Heard mom say all these sayings!! I am so turning this into my next Mother's day card ;)

  • Courtney

    My mother taught me... So true and so funny!

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So true!!

I knew it

so true


I originally read this about 20 years ago, but had the wrong author. I have saved it for all of these years on a piece of scratch paper in a box...now its filed in my "hell yeah" folder. funny how life changes, yet what holds true to you does not.

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Haaaaa, so true!


This is so TRUE. The people who defend you in your absence are those rare genuinely solids you can truly cherish.


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True desperation.