"Roll a Mouse" activity to go with book, Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Here's a robot themed game for working on shape recognition.

shape bingo

Mouse Shapes.

Bear in the Cave Game ...love this idea for subtraction with my intervention group

Shape monsters---can incorporate shapes, vertices and adjectives all in one. Have the kids create their shape monster then describe it using math vocabulary and afjectives

Back to School kindergarten math: roll and trace a number! $

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie | http://homemadespeech.com/if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie/

Geometry-2D Shapes


Mouse shapes to go with book, Mouse Shapes by Ellen Walsh.

Lots of good activities to go along with the book 'Mouse Shapes'

Roll-A-Rainbow Game

Roll a Love Bug

Shapes, shapes, shapes


hands on way to teach kids money & math

Free - Roll the Dice. A simple but effective math center.

Could be adapted into a collage game with pre-cut shapes of various colors and sizes. Kids would place the shapes first, rolling the die a specified number of times, then rearrange if desired before gluing them down.

Fraction I have Who has

Kindergarten Yahtzee - This game is so funny to see how excited the kids get. All they have to do is roll 2 dice and cross out the sum. They keep going until they have crossed out all of the numbers. They learn the hard way how hard it is to roll a 2 or a 12!