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Stealing a kiss before the wedding, but keeping it traditional... this is such a cute picture

This is one idea I MAY consider for a pre-wedding photo! Even if you don’t want the groom to see you before the wedding, you can still sneak a kiss and a great photo. Blindfold the groom and have the photographer snap a shot of the pre-wedding kiss.

They wanted to pray together, but not see each other, before the ceremony <3

21 Brides And Grooms Praying Together Before Their Weddings

The bride and groom wanted to pray together before being married. They didn't want to break tradition by having the groom see the bride before the wedding so they prayed together behind a corner! A marriage built on Jesus is a marriage that will last!

Save the date- wedding ideas

30 Ways to Save the Date With Your Engagement Shoot

We're loving the frame-within-a-frame trend for engagement, save the date and wedding photos!

So cute!!! wedding-wedding-wedding

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"Just Married My Best Friend" love the idea. But would do the sign more rustic for my wedding ;

Donate Wedding Flowers to Nursing Home after your big day is over.

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a wonderful thing to do - after the wedding, donate all the live flowers to a nursing home or hospital. Such a sweet idea. The ladies in the nursing home would love them!

With only the bride and groom in color It really seems like time is standing still in the photo.

With only the bride and groom in color, it really emphasized the purpose of a photo--a moment frozen in time. It really seems like time is standing still in the photo. I love this photo idea!

This is one shot every bride should have. The bride’s mom is seeing her for the first time in her gown.

10 most emotional wedding photos: mother of the bride sees daughter (photo by vic pellicier) this is one shot every bride should have. The brides mom seeing her for the first time in her wedding gown.

train - marry me lyrics...this was our wedding song.. what a cute engagement photo! i wish we would have thought to do this!!

This makes me think of the song "Marry Me" by Train that I think is soooo sweet. "You wear white, and I'll wear out the words 'I love you' and 'You're beautiful" I LOVE THIS IDEA

Photo of mother with bride in re-styled gown...

Tennessee Backyard Farm Wedding

Bride holding her mother's wedding photo. Groom holding picture of father. Also Groom's parents holding their wedding pic on one side. Bride's parent's on the otherside, and the Goom and Bride holding a picture frame around themselves in the middle.

Have a first look with both of your parents | Ira Lippke Studios

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal

Parents and their little girl all grown up-- This is a great wedding photo idea. However, since my parents are divorced and my dad is remarried (I'm sure my mom will be remarried by the time I get married), I'm not sure how this is going to work out lol