Giant Tortoise | Mauritius


Radiated tortoise

Tortoise 100 years old


Giant tortoise (Galapagos Islands)

why don't I have one. Just why. :) I think it's a Hermann's tortoise.I WANT ONE!!!!

Please be aware that some things I laugh at are out of cuteness

Baby Leopard Tortoise.

On top is the Radiated Tortoise and beneath is the Spider Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoises... A few of the Tortoises playing on a giant Tortoise, in Karachi zoo, in Pakistan.

In love with this Tortoise

Baby turtles!!!!!!

Indian Star Tortoise. Love to feed on grasses, fallen fruit, flowers and leaves of succulent plants.


Teeny tiny turtle

First Tortoise Habitat

Imposible love by Mustafa Öztürk, via 500px

red footed tortoise

cute tortoise