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  • Liz Deering

    Have we really destroyed half the world's forests since the industrial revolution? This is sad and scary.

  • Another World

    Mother earth

  • Melissa Chieffe

    sustainable living.

  • SPNN logic

    Sustainability isn't as difficult as you think. Consider the uses of hemp. Water collection technology exists, solar power, aquaponics, thermal regulated homes. Its already available. Stay optimistic. Stay righteous.

  • Becca Porter

    food for thought!

  • Sally Sarah

    Perspective - Recycle ! As well as raise your voice for hemp for legalization, AGAIN! (The first USA flag was made from hemp) AND Did you know it can take a tree up to 3 years (depending) to grow back and it only takes 2-3 WEEKS for a hemp plant to grow back? No not marijuana. HEMP. You could smoke a pound of hemp and no you would not get high. But 'yes we could preserve energy and economize! Hemp could be used (and reused) for paper, rope, oil, housing, health and much much more!

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Even if this numbers are off the slightly the fact still remains that we are a species who can move moutains and change entire eco-systems. Its dangerous because we give little about the consequences of these actions. It took the earth a long time to build balance habitats, who are we to destroy all that hard work.

Our systems are corrupt... they cannot be repaired because their very design is flawed from the get go. We need new systems that were designed to promote life not destroy it. :)

Dandelion wishes - gives you a whole new perspective when you look at it this way!

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This sure puts global warming into perspective.

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