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    • Colin Towler

      During the Second World War Wehrmacht soldiers wore this slogan on their belt buckles, as opposed to members of the Waffen SS, who wore the motto Meine Ehre heißt Treue ('My honour is loyalty')

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    Captain Sue S. Dauser, (NC) USN Portrait photograph, taken during World War II. She was Superintendent of the Navy Nurse Corps from 1939 into 1945, and was the first Superintendent to hold the rank of Captain. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives ~

    This Day in History: Dec 13, 1937: The Rape of Nanking

    German soldier machine-gunning a group of civilians.

    German man holding exhumed baby from a mass grave outside the town of Suttrop. Amerian officers ordered German civilians of Suttrop, Germany, to exhume the bodies of 57 Russians killed by German SS troops and dumped into a mass grave before the arrival of troops of the Ninth U.S. Army. Soldiers of the 95th Infantry Division were led by informers to the huge common grave of the victims, including women and one baby, May 3, 1945.

    London Underground Aircraft Factory. focused on getting aircraft component manufacturer Plessey working after having its factory leveled by German bombers in 1940. By 1942, it employed 4,000 workers on 30,000 square meters (300,000 sq ft) of factory floor space protected by the Earth itself. For four years, a predominately female workforce numbering in the thousands worked long hours in the often stifling conditions associated with what was most likely the world’s narrowest factory ever built.

    Soldiers are accompanied by a Navajo code talker (seen with the walkie talkie) in June 1944.

    King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit the site of the last V2 to fall on London on Mar 27, 1945 at Vallance Road, Stepney, in the East End, London and 134 people were killed, mostly Jewish refugees, Oct 4, 1945 (UK National Archives)

    A group of German Hitler Youth who were undergoing training in in Buxtehude in Lower Saxony when British forces entered the town are captured and rounded up (April 1945). They were disarmed and simply sent home to their parents. Image taken by British Sergeant J. Mapham, No. 5 Army Film and Photographic Unit.

    A nurse hand a baby to its mother in an ambulance after, bombs had driven them from a London Hospital, Oct. 27, 1940.

    Joseph Goebbels smiling before learning that Alfred Eisenstaedt, the photographer, was Jewish, 1933

    Post-autopsy of Helga Goebbels age 12. Her parents, Joseph and Magda Goebbels, poisoned her and her five siblings as the Russians closed in on the Berlin Bunker where they were hiding with Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and a small collection of fanatically dedicated Nazis. Magda was unable to go through with poisoning her children herself, and had to be "helped" by others. After the deed was done, she and Joseph committed suicide and their bodies were burned in the courtyard of the bunker.

    A camouflaged German Kubelwagon.

    Portrait of a young Soviet POW in a steel breastplate SN-42, made of 2mm steel (.08") and weighing 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs), captured by Finnish troops during the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War. A testament to the breastplate’s effectiveness, the young soldier had been shot three times in the chest and left unharmed. Near Syskyjärvi, Karelia, Finland (now, Syuskyuyarvi, Republic of Karelia, Russia.) 15 July 1944. Image taken by Esko Töyri.

    Dead German soldiers in France are seen piled and frozen in the winter weather (December 1944). Photographed by Brigadier General Charles Day Palmer

    After three days of battle, this town was finally retaken. American troops surrounded the Germans after losing the town to them during an initial counter attack. The patrol is about to enter the the church to examine the belfry and cellar where snipers are still believed to be hiding, where American prisoners were being held. Photographed by Brigadier General Charles Day Palmer

    With the final capitulation of Germany to the Allies, German soldiers who have borne arms for over five years against almost all of Europe and the U.S., surrender their Mauser 98k rifles to the American forces near Landeck, Austria. Hand grenades and other small arms and equipment can be seen piled up beyond the rifles. They seem quite pleased to have survived, and that it is all over. Photographed by Brigadier General Charles Day Palmer

    Bodies of German soldiers lying on top of each other in a French street gutter. Photographed by Brigadier General Charles Day Palmer

    World War II. Italian fascist propaganda

    Japanese nurses and soldiers who have surrendered to the Americans just before the Japanese capitulation in 1945.

    Amicedo Farola, of Dulag, Leyte, is a Philippine guerrilla scout, operating with a reconnaissance squadron of the 24th Division. The hair dress may be unusual, but Farola has more Japanese kills to his credit than he will admit to strangers. His associates confirm his scouting and fighting ability. Digos, Mindanao, March 26, 1945. US Army Signal Corps Photo.

    US journalist Edward R. Murrow in London during the Blitz.

    Finnish soldiers would pose dead, frozen Russian soldiers in a standing position to intimidate further attackers, Finland, Winter War 1939. This is crazy!

    They created Nazi Germany. They were the heads of it. They were the main responsibles for the Holocaust, for World War II, for over 50 Million dead.

    Amazingly Brave WWII Spy Brief Biography of Odette Sanson 1912 - 1995 Spy who worked as an SOE operative in occupied France.