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  • Colin Towler

    During the Second World War Wehrmacht soldiers wore this slogan on their belt buckles, as opposed to members of the Waffen SS, who wore the motto Meine Ehre heißt Treue ('My honour is loyalty')

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A young SS soldier, likely of the 12th SS Panzer Divison “Hitlerjugend”, a unit that took 43% of the casualties in the Normandy landings. Most were members of the Hitler Youth, earning it the nickname “Baby Division” by the Allies. Many were so young that rather than standard tobacco/ alcohol ration, they were given chocolate and sweets. In just under a year, the 20,540 members of the division had been whittled down to just 10,000, all of whom surrendered at Enns on May 8, 1945.

German SS Totenkopf (the death head emblem on the piss cutter cap)

Waffen-SS Regiment Germania. The enemy we fought in WW II was serious and wore uniforms.

Postcard photo of a WWI Scottish Regiment soldier no doubt taken for his family. Thousands of such photos were produced but regrettably few bear any identification. He is wearing a cover over the kilt.

Waffen SS Soldier Possibly the Eastern Front, Was hell for the Germans over there.

Waffen SS in action. Soldier looks to be holding the new STG44 assault rifle.

WAFFEN SS soldier with camera, Operation Barbarossa in Russia.

German soldiers( paratroopers or Waffen SS) obverving enemy .(Normandy 1944)

Soldados Alemanes / Deutsche soldiers (foto en color) #Historia #IIGM

A German soldier with his K98 rifle carrying a belt of MG ammo. March, 1944. *note snow camo parka.

Waffen SS in the West, 1940