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It's a crazy show, and sometimes they go way out of line but I love it! it makes me laugh so hard every time!!

The Griffins. Family includes Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin and the household dog Brian Griffin.

All of Bart Simpson's chalkboard quotes -- 500 episodes this weekend!

Matt Groening is most well known as the creator and executive producer of "The Simpsons". He is a cartoonist and writer responsible for the cartoon strip series "Life in Hell" and the Animated Television Cartoons "The Simpsons" and "Futurama".

just saw the preview and laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!!!

Oh my God this is EPIC ! They should do this in Lebanon instead of these stupid shows we've got

American Dad! -I seriously think of this show as like my family sometimes except Francine. Yes, i have an alien and a talking fish.

American Dad is so funny, Roger is my favorite character.