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I really like this because when its time to do spelling this is a great reminder for the letter E.

I cringe when I have to miss CALENDAR TIME. I LOVE calendar time. You know all those math concepts that kiddos just have to memorize? I present them early on in the year and we use songs, chants, rhymes, and movement to practice them EVERY DAY. Pretty soon it's automatic for my kiddos and we all feel SO SMART!!!

Pledge... Perfect for our school. We have our students say this daily... And we can place it in their data notebooks and students can refer back to it when needed.

Silent E activity (Sneaky E) ---- for bridgets child care class, except you could use the letter 'x' instead of 'e' and be like "oh the x is hiding in the word xylophone and its making us think its a z !"

first grade helper. This was hard to find on her blog but I googled 'my first grade helper and easily found a PDF file of one similar to this

Not a fan of the sad face...but could easily swap the faces for something more like our report card descriptors.

Sneaky e puppets!! I love this idea! We will be starting this unit In a couple of weeks and I will definitely be making these!

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Bats Acrostic Poems & More Resources on Bats

Love this... changing it around a bit to make it bossy e!

Would change ending to something about vowel becoming long and saying its name. Coz it doesn't really shout! :)