ATTENTION! #Pinterest #scam “…makes it an easier target for scammers than other social networks” Attenzione a dove mettiamo i nostri, sempre e comunque, non solo su Pinterest ovviamente!

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DANGER- do not click on pins that have a bitly dot com source. One I clicked on had a fake antimalware scan. Said my Pinterest account could be in danger and I should download their scan. Do NOT download these scans...they are harmful! They can download all kinds of malware. Please don't click on bitly pins and report any questionable pins so they can be removed. On the help page you can also report whole accounts that appear to be nothing but spam. (Note: this pin doesn't connect to a…

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Phishing #scammers finally discover Pinterest - How to spot suspicious links. Remember - There is no such thing as a free lunch

The 6 Biggest Facebook Scams - Techlicious: Facebook now has a billion users, with more than half of those people signing on every month. Unfortunately, crooks and scammers are also part of the social network’s population—they figure at least a certain percentage of users will fall for their shenanigans.

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