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I'm not really a cat fan, until it comes to exotic shorthairs.

from Mail Online

Is Snoopybabe the cutest cat on the internet?

Snoopybabe's owner Miss Ning said the best thing about her gorgeous pet is his 'pie face'

Something about this fluffy flat faced cat makes me giggle. And I want it

from National Geographic

Fennec Foxes, Fennec Fox Pictures, Fennec Fox Facts

For some reason, this Fennec fox reminds me of a marsupial or some sort of rodent... but don't take my words the wrong way. It's adorable. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay adorable.

Meow. -- Dear cat, welcome to #Edrac #cat #happy #family! #CardeApp

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 35 Cats And Other Cute Animals Winking

One Eyed Pete ... (fyi, nothing wrong with the cats eye, just winking)

Ok be honest how can you not want a cat that looks like a panda!