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Fluppy dog, how I loved you! Vintage Fluppy Dog 1980's Toy Stuffed Animal by AngelKissJewelry, $8.00

1980's toys | ... Shortcake & Friends - I LOVED them ... | 1980's toys and m

80s kids, remember these?? Loved them!

do you guys remember these!

water babies doll

I had this

Happy Meal Barbies!

Tiny Toons flip car. I think this is the one I had, and eventually the wheels came off

life saver suckers!!

The Pizza Head Show

A better way to dig for treasure: | 38 Things You Will Never Experience Again

Tupperware stencil set and case. OMG, the HOURS I spent with these!!

Play Me Those Old Cartridge Blues


Counting bears, we had these in school!

A bundoodle of oodles and their collectaboodles cards. #80s #toys #nostalgia.

Pick up sticks

Butterfly Clips! #90's

when I was weeee little..makes me wanna cry :-(


Toats remember having one of these treasures! @Jessica Sutton Chatigny

Barbie - Tropical Miko, 1980s. I cut all of her hair off! I thought I wanted to be a hair dresser...

Still have mine . . . .

Spice Girls Lollipops, these were the best!!

anyone else remember these ?