Thin cotton hoodie over round-neck black tee / standard wash blue jeans / men fashion

dark blue sweater, sky blue tee, jeans / men fashion

pale brown sahara cotton jacket, light blue-green shirt, blue jeans / men fashion

knitted bear sweater + jeans

lovely accent of white brightens up this tonal look - denim, knit and cotton with a closer fitting casual jacket

Men's Fashion


mens fashion

mens fashion

shawl sweater

Mens style

Tuque. Beard. Rugged.

These items are from Johnston & Murphy. They are the Wool-Blend Blazer, Herringbone Check Shirt, J & M Denim, Perfed-Edge Belt, Pima Cotton Socks, Tyndall Wingtip.

jacket with sweater | #business


The cuff. The boots. The dark wash.

boots, jeans, collared shirt

checkered shirt, graphic tee, blue jeans, nice boots / men fashion

Sweater- yes!