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    Chimp adopts tiger cubs.

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    • Cecily Grzywacz

      Chimpanze cuddles White Tiger The Chimp's smile says it all. Photo by Sep 11, 2012 Animals unlikely friendships (in pics) - Page 1 - - Photos - General - Yahoo!7 Lifestyle

    • Asia Robinson

      A chimp became the surrogate mom/playmate to a white tiger cub :) Monkeys are my favorite animal, always has been.

    • Kysof

      Finding a friend that you can share and do things with is always great. These animals are able to put all differences aside and come together to form some very odd friendships. Some of these are odd because when you imagine the way things would be in the wild. This is not what you would imagine.


      25 Photos Of Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Put A Smile On Your Face. -

    • Kristin Dietrich

      Anjana the Chimpanzee and Tiger Cubs Oh my goodness! Look at those smiles! These two beautiful white tiger cubs lost their mom during a flood in a hurricane. They were saved and adopted by a US animal reserve where Anjana the chimp adopted them along with their human caretaker China York.

    • Jumpin Jill Goldberg

      This Chimpanzee Caring for White Tiger Cubs - 15 Wild Animals That Will Surprise You with Their Softer Side

    • antonella cenerelli

      After their mother's enclosure was flooded by a hurricane, two white tiger cubs were left orphaned. Fortunately Anjana the chimp (and a human caretaker) were there to step in and raise the tigers. Anjana is so loving she has raised other orphaned animals too including lions and pumas.

    • wonderworld -news

      Friendship is great. Animals are great. Animal friendship? You guessed it – it's great. This list is for those wonderful animal friends who look beyond each others' (often considerable) differences and see the wonderful souls beneath the surface. When their life isn't a struggle to survive (which often is the case in captivity), some predators can even potentially look at prey animals as friends, not as food.

    • Beatriz Mora

      chimp tigercubs

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    Chimp and white tiger become best friends....seee we can learn alot from animals!!

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    Chimpanzee Holding A Young White Tiger Cub. ♥

    She was lonely and depressed because she lost all of her cubs due to prematurity . She had given up and would not eat. They desperately wanted to save her and they did. They gave her the litter of piglets whose mother had died. She is sooo happy and well satisfied. Animals and their unconditional love!

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    Omg endless cuteness

    Polar bear Huggies feeds her twin cubs feed their first public appearance at the Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen February 29, 2012. Ouwehands Zoo is one of the two zoos participating in a special breeding program for endangered polar bears.

    When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the Rescue. Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in South Carolina, became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding. But here's the truly amazing part: This is something Anjana does all the time, having helped raised leopard and lion cubs on several occasions.


    best friends, tiger cub & poodle at Mogo Zoo

    Jasmine, the timid, abused, deserted greyhound, became the animal sanctuary’s resident surrogate mother, a role for which she might have been born. The list of orphaned and abandoned youngsters she has cared for comprises five fox cubs, four badger cubs, fifteen chicks, eight guinea pigs, two stray puppies and fifteen rabbits – and one roe deer fawn.

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