These 20 Never-Seen-Before Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Are Mesmerizing #hollywood #celebrity #famous #actress

Marilyn Monroe was known as Norma Jeane Dougherty. In 1946 she and her lover, photographer André de Dienes traveled to Malibu beach where she was clicked.

Dame Taylor: The stunning Elizabeth Taylor poses for a close up glamor shot

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland captured in collection of 3 million photographs showing the glamor of Old Hollywood to be offered at auction

Stunning.Vivian Leigh in Caesar and Cleopatra, 1945.***Research for possible future project.

Vivien Leigh, Caesar and Cleopatra, 1945 Costumes by Oliver Messel lucy-in-disguise: “ trixietreats: “ anneyhall: “ Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra, ” ”

Hedy Lamarr, mathematician and inventor. Also first-order Old Hollywood Star.

Hedy Lamarr AUT was an actress and mathematician who invented Spread Spectrum Technology which is used in Bluetooth, wifi and GPS